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Nowadays, the industrial changes and developments have made an eye catching progress in production cycles and producing technologies, in a way that, the using of the techniques, tools, and machineries and also transportation equipments, the utilization  of labor forces and a more efficient use of time in the production process are followed and made regarding those changes.
Forklift machineries and conveyors are such above mentioned tools. These equipments, handle a high amount of transportation of the raw materials, goods, spare parts equipments, wastes . . . in current industry that is so effective in reducing the production costs.
On the other side, the growing process of constructing residential,commercial and industrial buildings and also the need of society to housing  and its relevant services, have led the production of amenities and other services which are related to construction industry, to play a more important role in economic fields.
Based on the needs of the society, government’s policies on mass constructing and an increase in the level of various residential and commercial services, the industry of producing lifts and elevators has been one of the most important and popular industries that had made an important and serious progress in field of producing various types of elevators and lifts and has shown the importance of this industry greatly in the world. Holding the Fourth International Exhibition of elevators, escalators, lifts, conveyor belts and their components and accessories, with the presence of national and foreign companies and institutes which are active in field of mentioned industry or have had some relevant productions in this field, would be a great phase and step in case of increasing industrial communications with other countries and also exchanging specialized knowledge of this industry, regarding the point that this exhibition could be one of the greatest and the most important shows of this industry in the region (middle east). We hope that , with all efforts and plannings done, this exhibition will be welcomed by construction and building companies, mass construction companies, residential and commercial complexes, the hotels and generally the people as final consumers.

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